Embroidery Trends: 3D Elements

It’s Tuesday and I’m bringing another embroidery trend that I have been noticing and liking!  Typically, embroidery is a very 2D craft: needle and thread on fabric.  Lately, I’ve been seeing people branching out from what embroidery is expected to be and using 3d elements to accent and enhance the stitching. 

First up we have a piece from The  Green Squirrel.  She is a Minneapolis (my city!) based crafter who loves to use vintage buttons and other various beads and bits.  I love the idea of layering the different elements to create a one of a kind flower piece.  The colors are so bright and fun, as are her other pieces.  You should also check out her shop for button pendants and other fun things!

I had a hard time choosing which piece to showcase here from marysgranddaughter because all her pieces are stitched better than the last!  The stitching is gorgeous and I love the way that she uses her 3D elements.  Using a doll’s arm:  genius!  I also love reading about the history of the doll pieces and the linen, such a nice touch that makes me love her pieces more.

I love seeing what people are doing these days in embroidery!  That is one of the things that I love about this craft is that the possibilities are endless and you can try new things and have great results thinking beyond needle and thread.

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