Hello everyone!  Things have been busy around casa de Dryden this past week!  I am working furiously on some new things for an upcoming trunk show (post on this later) and T and I are planning a trip to Chicago at the end of the month.  Also I have an announcement:  at the end of August we are moving there!  He is going to Second City a nd the traveling between Minneapolis and Chicago doesn’t really allow him to give it 100% dedication, so to Chicago we go!  In honor of these big life changes I would like to do a little showcase of some of my favorite Chicago artist and crafters (whom I hope to meet!)

First off we have GirlSavage!  I have been a fan for a long time and I love her style.  It’s quirky and cute with a little hint of macabre.  She has jackalopes and owls and whales….what more could you want?  Hop on over to her shop and check out her fun creations.

Ashley Pahl is another artist whose stuff I really love!  She has a very similar style to my own, and her headline pretty much sums up everything that I love: Stationary Inspired By Nature Geography Ruffles & Lace.  And that is exactly what her shop says to me.  The colors are great and the simple lines are perfect.  I want one of everything!

Finally, we have WildOlive.  She’s technically from St. Charles, IL but that’s close enough for me.  I love her stuff so much I had to include her.  She offers the cutest embroidery patterns and printables.  I really enjoy her drawings and illustrations and how the perfectly places eyes and mouth can animate anything!  Her patterns are easy to use and you can stitch them up in minutes.  Zip on over there to check out her awesome things!

Who are some of your favorite local artists?  Any Chicagoans out there reading this: what do you love about Chicago?  What places should I check out?

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