Herb Gardening

Let me just state for the record that I do not have a green thumb.  I try every year to get an herb garden going (or any plant really) and I always kill them.  But since I have a blog now and some people are reading this, I feel like maybe I need to keep them all alive because now you are watching!  It used to be a secret of mine that I can’t keep anything alive (at least nothing that makes noise), but now, with your help…..I WILL keep them going.  Gardening has always been something that I’ve enjoyed.  My mom is a great gardener and I grew up around people who were also great at it.  Being outside is great, sweat on your brow, and a sense of accomplishment are all reasons why I want to keep trying.  The other thing that I love about gardening are……well, the accessories.  The cute watering cans and the pots and the gloves.  You get the idea, any activity that might require some very specific accessories, I’m all about.  So, here are some of my favorite gardening tools this season.

Hanging Air Plant Pod (tm)  - Gorgeous White
beautiful planter from mudpuppy
vintage yellow floral watering can
vintage watering can from lacklusterco
Garla Print Tool Set, Liberty for Target

liberty of london for Target

Little Whimsy Gnome House
this cute lil guy from sunshine ceramics could hang out in my rosemary!
Garden Stakes - Set of 4
I love these simple and beautiful markers from Pigeon Toe Ceramics
What are you growing this season?  Wish me luck on my growing adventure!

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