Yuck! Business stuff….


I have been thinking more and more lately how much I dislike doing business related tasks.  I don’t think I’m alone when I say that it is the least appealing aspect of owning your own crafty business.  Unfortunately, it is also an inevitable aspect of owning said crafty business.  Today, while I was searching for some help or some relief or at least something to occupy my mind, I stumbled upon this website called Outright.  I am fairly convinced that it is the greatest online tool EVER for tracking all of your business needs.  All you have to do is sign up and get started for free.  They will upload your bank information (if you have a separate business account-otherwise they think everything is a business expense), paypal information, and more to let you know if you’re making money or not.  They will organize where your money goes-like who you’re paying.  This could be vendors, Etsy bills, etc.  They will also let you plug in and track the who’s and what’s of where your money is coming in.  There is even a tax page that lets you know, based on how much you have made, how much you owe in tax for that quarter!  This was all for free people!  I couldn’t believe it.  If you are like me, which I’m pretty sure most crafty folk are like this, then you will be grateful for this tool.  There is also a Shoebox application that lets you plug in saved receipt information for other things you can write off or declare as income!  Holy guacamole, it’s awesome!  Hope you find this site helpful, I know that I’ll be exploring it more and more this year while I try to affix my business hat!

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