I have been trying my best to work on and repeat this mantra to myself.  I don’t remember where I heard it, but ever since we decided to move from Minneapolis to Chicago I’ve been thinking this over and over again.  It’s a scary thing moving away from family and friends and out of your comfort zone.  Chicago is a big place and I’m a small town girl-it’s hard to imagine that we’ll be able to harmoniously mix.  I have a tendency to worry and dwell on what could happen.  I’ve always been a “what if” person and it’s hard to change that when it comes to such a big adjustment.  Every time I start to think about all the bad “what-ifs” I just try to remind and tell myself off all the good that can come from moving out of your comfort zone.  I think about all the opportunities in a big city like Chicago.  I think about all the new crafty friends I will meet and all the new experiences that Tucker and I will have together.  Sigh…Thanks for listening to this little rant of mine.  The time to move is coming up quick and I’m just trying to make it!  Do you remember when you had to go out of your comfort zone?  What helped you get through the hard times?

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