At the Starting Line

I just received my code to be a beta tester over at the new site indieMADE!  You can still apply to be a beta tester if you would like, you get a free year and you’re able to help make the site better!  Here is my initial indiemade set up here.  Is there anything that you might want to see in your own website, or features that you would add to your own site if you had one?  Let me know!  The great thing about indiemade is that it is customizable and you have a lot of control and features.  Apply to be a beta tester today!

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2 Responses to At the Starting Line

  1. Heidi says:

    Sooo . . . I couldn’t find answers to these initial questions:

    Why do I need SKUs, and how should I be deciding on a SKU?
    What is the dimension of the shop image (so it can fit nicely in the frame/be cropped correctly)?
    How do I make the navigation bar go along the top instead of along the side?
    AND general issues with uploading images/formatting blog area.

    Any ideas?

    Oh, and I think the store images are too small–what do you think?

  2. I’m going to ask Jennifer some of these questions for you so I know for sure. I believe the sku is something good to have so that can keep track of what you’re selling and listing. For me, when I thought about making a sku I decided that each category would represent a beginning sku number so for embroidery i started at 1000 and for paper goods 2000 so when I list another embroidery it’ll be 1001 and so on. You can use any number system that works for you. As far as the other questions, I’m going to approach her so you can get the right answer first!

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