DIY: Make Your Own Rubber Stamp

I find that stamp carving is actually pretty relaxing.  You get in a zone of carves and cuts and all of your focus must be on the task at hand.  Here is my process of making my own rubber stamps!  Give it a try-it’s fun!

  • What you need: stamp carving set (mine is from Speedball)
  • piece of paper and pen
  • a piece of transfer paper
  • a piece of stamp rubber (also Speedball brand-links at the end of the post!)
  1. Write or draw the design you want on a piece of paper-let your imagination run wild!  Make sure the design is nice and dark.
  2. Lay your piece of transfer paper transfer (darker) side down on top of your piece of rubber.
  3. Next, lay your design face down on top of the transfer paper.  You should be able to see your design through the back of the paper.
  4. Now, retrace your design, using the pen, pressing firmly.  You want to have a good transfer of your design onto the rubber.
  5. Lift both pieces of paper away and you should have a nice transfer.  If not, you can go back over the design with your pen.
  6. Start with using the smallest carving tool in your kit and go around your design.  You don’t want to cut too deep and you don’t need to press hard at all.  Let the tools do the work for you, you are just guiding them.  
  7. Continue to follow the outline of your design until you have created a nice carved center.
  8. Now take your next largest carving tool and start carving away larger pieces of your stamp.  
  9. Finally, take your cutting tool and cut away from the design leaving you with a nice stamp.
  10. You can test your stamp and see if you missed any spots, if so, carve them away with your smallest tool.

This is how I make my rubber stamps-in no way is it the right or professional way but once you learn basic techniques you can develop your own style.  Here are some links to where I source my materials: Speedball carving kit and rubber.

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One Response to DIY: Make Your Own Rubber Stamp

  1. Ah! I love making stamps. You can do so many fun and creative things with a hand-made collection of them. Great tutorial. It makes me want to carve a new one.

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