Inspiration: Jim Henson

I was tagged in a Facebook note recently that wanted you to list your top 15 artists.  This is still proving to be a little difficult to me because narrowing all of the inspirational and motivating artists that I’ve come across in my life is not an easy task.  This note got me thinking though, the moment I saw this note I knew exactly who would be at the top and that is Jim Henson.  He has been a constant source of inspiration for me.  It’s not so much about what he created or drew, it’s that his imagination seemed limitless.



Jim Henson constantly reminds me that your imagination will always be your greatest tool.  I also connect with his work because it’s fun, playful, and child-like; yet it appeals to adults on a deep level.  I’m told, through his work, that life is serious and there are serious things we need to deal with on a daily basis but let’s have fun.


He was an absolutely magical man.  I will forever strive to use my imagination to its full potential.

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