The Handwritten Note

Since I’ve moved to Chicago, I’ve discovered a desire to keep in touch with friends through written snail mail.  I know, with email what’s the point?  I, personally, love tangible tokens of friendship and love.  Getting mail is an awesome feeling!  We’ve lost the art of the handwritten note in this day and age.  So, I’ve challenged myself to write at least 1 letter a week to a friend and I would challenge you to do the same!  Here are some pretty bits to make that letter even more special:

BIG Rainbow Twig Pencil. Single. Choice of Color.
Hand Printed Recycled Map Paper Envelopes - Mixed Prints - Pack of 10
10 sheets of 8.5x11 inch brown handmade recycled paper (letter sized)
Traditional Wood Handle Custom Address Stamp - Hyde St. -1020
If you’re worried about wasting paper, just use recycled bits of paper and draw on them to make them special.  The notes don’t need to be gorgeous wedding invitations.  They just need to come from the heart.

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One Response to The Handwritten Note

  1. Love the stamp. I went a little crazy this year and decided to write a letters every day. It’s been a challenge, but a wondrous one.

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