I Love Quilts

Even though the sun is still shining brightly here in Chicago and the temperatures are still in the lower 70’s, I can still feel the crispness in the air. It was pretty chilly here last week and I can only expect that more of that weather is on its way. I warm up by doing a couple of things: I make delicious, warm comfort food, drink some hot apple cider, and finally I wrap up in a quilt. I have my great-grandmother’s quilt which I absolutely adore and when I look at it I think about how maybe I should try and quilt. That feeling is fleeting and instead I look around the web drooling over amazing quilts made by amazing crafters. Snuggle in and enjoy!





This picture from Nhan Tran has me convinced that I should just try making little hexagons!






Plaids & PolkaDots Maybe if I start out this tiny then it won’t be so bad, right?!?

Made By Nicole has this pretty fantastic tutorial to make a quilted coaster.  AND it’s geared towards beginners-huzzah!


Do you love to quilt?  I would love to see more tutorials and pictures of quilts!

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