Five Gross Halloween Projects

So, I really like Halloween and I also really like gross things. I love gross horror movies, fake guts, you name it. Maybe it’s because I always wanted to be a special effects make-up artist and, who knows, maybe I still will. So, If you’re a little squemish this post may not be for you. I have a round up of gross Halloween projects to make. In my opinion, this is all still pretty PG (maybe PG-13). Enjoy!

fake brains


This is a fantastic and easy fake brains tutorial. Simple materials, awesome result!

2. Fake Intestines

Final Result


These are really gross but fun and easy to make.

3. Fake Eyeballs

Who knew that these fake eyeballs could be made from such a simple and unassuming product? Lucky for you I also found this edible eyeballs recipe that I’m definitely going to try!

4. Blood


Sam Raimi is a brilliant horror director and this recipe for fake blood claims to make it his way.

5. Fake Cuts

fake cuts

This is a really great and quick video showing you hot to make a fake cut on your hand. You could easily apply this to your face, chest, arms, legs, whatever suits you.

blood image by nitrohelix via Flickr Creative Commons

fake cut image by foamcow via Flickr Creative Commons

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