Sewn Paper Doily Garland Tutorial

sewn dyed paper doily garland

A little bit back I did this post on dying paper doilies. Now, I’m bringing you a project utilizing those dyed doilies. I have found that making sewn paper garlands are addicting to make! They’re simple, the possibilities are endless with paper and thread combinations, and they look so great strung up around your house. Here is my simple how-to on making a sewn paper doily garland:

dyed paper doiliesYou’ll want to begin by cutting out 1 inch circles from your larger doilies. My paper punch wasn’t being very kind to the doilies so I hand-cut them. You could even cut triangles to make flags or hearts.

doily garland suppliesOnce your shapes are cut you’ll need to gather the rest of your materials which are: coordinating thread, scissors, and wax paper. Thread your bobbin and sewing machine. Sometimes it’s fun to make your bobbin thread one color and your machine thread another for interesting contrast.

wax paper stripsNext, tear your wax paper into strips. I tore mine about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide and left them as long as I reasonably could without them getting in my way.

sewing paperNow, lay a strip of your wax paper down and line up a couple of your doily cut outs. You’re going to be sewing through the wax paper and the doily. This helps keep your thread in between the doily circles neat and tidy and helps you feed your doily pieces through the machine. Sew a few inches on your wax paper without a doily so you have string to hang your garland with.

sewingSlowly begin sewing through the middle of your doily circles. When you’re almost through one add the next doily in line. My stitch length and width are both set to 2, you want a closer and tighter stitch to hold the delicate paper together.

adding another stripWhen you near the end of your wax strip, place another strip underneath the strip you’re currently sewing on. You want to join all the pieces together to keep your garland strings tidy.

finished stripsContinue sewing until you’ve used all of your paper or you feel like your garland is long enough. Once you’ve reached the end, sew a few inches onto your wax paper without a doily the way you started your garland.

pulling away wax paperTurn your garland over and begin gently pulling the wax paper away. You don’t need to use much force or pull hard since the paper will easily come away. Remove both halves of the wax paper.

sewn dyed paper doily garlandKnot off the ends of your thread and hang!

Sewing through paper isn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and now I can’t stop making these! What are some of your sewn paper projects? I would love to see them!


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10 Responses to Sewn Paper Doily Garland Tutorial

  1. Heidi says:

    I just saw a tute over at Grosgrain for edging lace, and she used toilet paper to back it. It might be a little cheaper than using wax paper, but I’m scared to try it. Sometimes, my sewing machine hates me. Here’s the link:

    • Thanks for the link! Yes, wax paper can definitely end up being a costly. This is something worth trying for sure, but I’m like you: sometimes I’m a little scared of trying something new on my machine because I think it’s possessed!

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  8. This is sooooooooo pretty, and what a great idea! 🙂 I just snagged some paper doilies at a thrift store and was searching online for what to make with them. Found your sweet blog! Have a great day. xoxo.

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