Lampshade Makeover Round-Up

We have had a fairly boring ol’ lamp hanging around our house for the past year or so. When I picked it up I told myself that I was going to re-do it right away, well we all know that doesn’t happen. Fast forward to now and I got around to covering my lampshade. I liked the base but the shade was just white. I wrapped and hot glued different types of lace around the whole shade to achieve this effect:

The process was a little time consuming but I just sat down in front of a few Californication episodes and went to town. This project inspired me to see what other lampshade makeovers there are out there. Here is a round-up of some projects that I’m going to try on other lamps in my home (hopefully sooner than later!)

lampshade makeoverPretty Ditty has a fantastic how-to for this peek-a-boo lampshade


Apartment Therapy features a project from the HGTV show Myles of Style on transforming a worn lampshade into one with style and personality!

Snapshots of Life shows us her makeover and gives us a step-by-step to making a new lampshade pattern from the old one.



Kelly Wilkinson shows us how she used doilies and paint to make a one-of-a-kind lampshade.

Finally, on Apartment Therapy, Jenny Ryan combines spray paint and embroidery to make a cute little lamp that would look perfect in any room.

Have you done any lamp or lampshade makeovers? I would love to see some of your projects and tutorials!
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