Featured Stitcher: Lucky Jackson

You and Me and a Couple of Coffees

Lucky Jackson has been one of my favorite embroiderers for a long time. I like the combination of black stitching and patterned/colored backgrounds. I really enjoy it when embroidery is made to look like a drawing or sketch.

The Art of Hotel Bed Jumping

I also have a serious love for vintage floral sheets so I know where she’s coming from on that!

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

I also really enjoy the applique. It’s a perfect element to enhance the stitches but it’s not extremely neat in polished-in a good way! I like it when there’s a little bit of fraying because it adds a lot of character to a piece.

Me and You (rectangle)

Plus, I’ve really liked the machine stitching that I’ve seen in the shop too!

Do yourself a favor and check out Lucky Jackson on Etsy! You’ll be glad that you did. I get inspired every time I wander through the shop!

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