Embroidery Patterns: Speckless

Besides a featured stitcher, I’m going to start featuring embroidery pattern designers that I love too! Sometimes it’s fun to stitch up a project or present without designing it yourself. Plus, it’s fun to support other artists in their ventures. First up, I would love to bring to you the adorable, sweet, and all around awesome patterns from Speckless.


Embroidery Pattern- Summer Coats



Embroidery Pattern- Futuristic Flowers


These flowers would look great together or used in separate embroidery pieces.


Embroidery Pattern- Love You Forever

This pattern has a world of uses: onesies, t-shirts, bags, stockings, you get the idea!

Check out Heidi’s etsy store for more patterns and other goodies such as printables, crocheted goodness, and jewelry. Also, swing by her blog for tutorials and crafty inspiration.



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2 Responses to Embroidery Patterns: Speckless

  1. Speckless says:

    Oh, wow. Thanks so much! You’re a much better stitcher than me, IMO : )

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