Desk Calendar Round-Up

I can’t believe it’s that time of year to already be thinking about buying a new calendar. But, then again, Y2K seems like it was just a few years ago….I clearly have no concept of time. I’ve been looking around for a pretty calendar to put on my desk for next year and here are some of my favorites that I’m having a hard time choosing between! Maybe I’ll get all of them and give some as gifts.


2011 Desk Calendar by Delphine



2011 eco friendly and multi lingual calendar

Merry Blues Art


2011 Desktop Calendar

Michelle Brusegaard


cabin and cub 2011 desk calendar



2011 Mini Calendar w/ Easel

kitty rogers


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One Response to Desk Calendar Round-Up

  1. Speckless says:

    I like the Merry Blues Art one best!

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