I’ve always loved the look of dioramas. I love all of the intricate details that go into them and all of the different types of craft you can do within one project. For some reason, I had all but forgotten about dioramas until I watched Dinner for Schmucks last night. I wanted to like it, because of Paul Rudd and Jemaine Clement, but I didn’t really. The best part of the movie was the mouse dioramas that Steve Carrell’s character made.

I mean, what! Each one was better than the last. The mice in their outfits were adorable and I loved how everything was thought of when it came to each piece.

For the movie, the mice are real/dead and they’ve been stuffed. In real life, they’re casts that are then sculpted and adorned with fur. Here are some other diorama and miniatures that I’ve found and been inspired by:

cartoon monster

an awesome arm chair from Smidge House, too bad it’s 1/6th scale

beautiful diorama photographs from Erin Tyner

I’m definitely going to add another New Year’s goal to the pile and try to create some of the diorama and miniature pieces that I had been thinking about! Do you like miniatures and dioramas? I would love some links to some artists to check out!

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