Big Moves

Last night a few of Tucker’s improv friends came over so that they could practice. One of his friends is also a pretty great artist and I love their work. They mostly do screenprints, painting, some textile work, and it’s all cute stuff.

His etsy is here to check out. It’s empty at the moment, holidays and such, but check out the sold items. More things will be added soon.

Anyway, now that the friend plug is outta the way, we got to talking about doing bigger and better things in 2011. The discussion of opening a collective gallery/storefront/workspace came up. Now, I’ve always had a hard time calling myself an artist. Maybe it’s because I don’t paint (in my mind that’s an artist) it’s weird, I know. But, I think we’re going to move forward and open a place before the end of 2011. It’s nerve wracking to think about opening a gallery space and curating shows and selling work there BUT it’s awesome to think about all of the artists that can come in and use the space to work and showcase their art. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Do you have any big, daring moves you’re making this year? I would love to know if some of you are taking leaps of faith and doing something a little scary and a little out of your element!

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