Food and Photography

oh i can’t wait until it’s heirloom tomato time again!

As a vegetarian, I have come to love food. Not to say that meat eaters don’t love food. It’s just that I never had an appreciation or love for food until I became vegetarian about 6 years ago. Now, I enjoy cooking and savor flavors of vegetables. My friend A-K has a gorgeous food blog dedicated to vegan, gluten free, and raw cooking. Her recipes are fantastic and the photography is fabulous! I also just signed up for a service here in Chicago (it’s available in other places around the country too, check their site to see if your area has this service) called Door to Door Organics. They deliver fresh, seasonal produce to your door every week. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my first delivery and I’m hopeful. I hope that it serves me well until farmers’ market and CSA season is upon us again.

mmmmm colorful apples, makes my mouth water

Besides enjoy and loving to eat good food, I have also learned to really love photographing food. I think it makes you look at it in ways that you never thought you had the time to do before. Next time you go to the grocery store just gather up a few pieces of produce and snap away. You’ll be amazed at what you aren’t seeing.

red and yellow onion. they should bottle these colors.

What is your relationship with food like? Do you savor it? Love to cook? I would love to hear about your passion for food and see if you’ve done any photography with it too!

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