Lace Vase Tutorial

fabric flower

Recently, I’ve been experimenting and making fabric flowers. I am HORRIBLE at keeping plants alive. At the same time, fresh flowers every week feel a tad wasteful since they’re just going to be thrown out. I wanted to come up with a “vase” for my fabric flowers that was unique and used fabric. I ended up creating a lace one and I love the result. Here is how I did it!

You will need:

A bottle, cup, or other form to wrap your lace around. I used a beer bottle.

Fabric Stiffener. This magical liquid is fun to play around with on all sorts of projects, I highly recommend it.

Parchment paper.

Strips of lace. You can also use fabric strips, or even string.



Wrap your parchment paper around the circumference of your bottle or form. You want to wrap it tightly and then tape it together.

Start “painting” your strip of lace or fabric with the stiffener. Most of the time I end up using my fingers, but if you don’t like sticky a brush works just fine. You want to make sure that you work the stiffener into the fabric or lace really well.

Wrap your first piece around the base of your form. Overlap the edges slightly so that they will dry together and hold in place. One or two of my edges came undone after it was dry, so I simply added a dot of regular ‘ol glue and that put them back together nicely.

Continue wrapping your stiffened lace or fabric around your form. Make sure that you overlap your pieces slightly to make sure that everything sticks and dries together. I stopped right where the neck was starting to form on the bottle. Next time I’ll probably wrap all the way up to see the kind of effect I can get. Wrap as much as you want on your form to achieve the desired shape of the final product.

Let it dry! I believe I let mine sit and dry for at least 4 hours. It will depend on how wet you got your strips to begin with. Just check it and see if there are any wet spots. If not, remove your form. It should come out nicely because of the parchment. Then, begin peeling away the parchment from your stiffened form.

Once everything is peeled away you can simply plop in any fabric flower or bit that you find around the house. You can easily finish the bottom if you want by just whip stitching a circle of felt or other piece of stiffened lace or fabric. I didn’t mind mine being open at the bottom. This, of course, can’t hold water. If your form was a vase or glass to begin with, you can easily slip it back inside your stiffened form for a nice vase wrap for fresh flowers.

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5 Responses to Lace Vase Tutorial

  1. louloupurple says:

    Great idea, love it…x

  2. knittedfog says:

    Beautiful vase, beautiful flower, great idea!

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