Salt Dough and Projects

I don’t know where salt dough has been all my life!?!

salt dough ingredients

It’s 3 simple ingredients combined to create an easy, workable, and pliable dough. For a smaller amount I use 1/2 c. flour, 1/4 c. salt and 1/2. water.

salt dough

Once everything is mixed you want to knead the dough for a little while until it becomes soft and flexible. This would be a good time to add more water or flour depending on the consistency of your dough. Not too soft and not too crumbly.

kneaded doughIt holds its shape really well and is great for rolling out and making impressions. Lace is a nice one that I used.

I then cut out some circles with a simple cutter. I also wanted to make little people.

I rolled the head and the body separately. I then attached the head with a bit of toothpick to give more of a hold.

You can leave your creations out to dry or you can bake them in the oven at 325 degrees for 4-6 hours. Oven times and drying times will greatly vary depending on how wet your dough is to begin with, how hot your oven gets, and humidity. But a good combination of oven drying and overnight drying time will allow your pieces to get nice and hard. Then you can sand, paint, and do with them what you will.

Here are some other salt dough projects that I found that will hopefully bring you some more inspiration:

salt dough ornament snowflakes Diy: Salt Dough Ornaments

Ornaments from Katy Elliot

Pumpkins from Tiger and Lily Boutique

Le Hamburger

Modeling salt dough instructions from Missala

Have you ever tried making salt dough ornaments or figurines? I would like to see some of your projects and tutorials! Post ’em here!

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