Artist Process: Linocut

I love watching an artist at work. It’s interesting to see their process and a project from start to finish. Here is a video showing the process of a large linocut print from beginning to end:

The detail, intricacies and process in this video inspire me to tackle larger projects and not worry about getting to the end result quicker. Do you do that in your crafting? Do you want instant gratification? I know I do! Sometimes it’s better to slow down and enjoy the process and not think about what’s at the end.

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2 Responses to Artist Process: Linocut

  1. Speckless says:

    Yes. I am all about instant gratification. Even with “big” projects. Case in point: I started crocheting a skirt. I work at it as obsessively and as fast as I can–I just want it done NOW. I have blisters. This is a bad habit.

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