Mixed Media Jewelry

Lately, I have been loving the combination of fibers and metals coming together to create pieces of jewelry. It probably stems from my love off all things mixed media and I appreciate making mixed media something you can incorporate into your daily life as opposed to keeping it on the wall.


image via Julia Petit

There is a wonderful tutorial showing you how to create your own pieces of woven thread and metal jewelry over on Julia Petit’s site.  It’s not in English, but the pictures are thorough. Here are some other mixed media jewelry pieces I really love:

Rainbow Embroidery Ring - Stripes, Hand-Stitched Multicolor and Turquoise Fabric

Via The Whirlwind

Red Silk Ring

Via Yara Jewelry Design

Necklace Mint Green Peruvian Opal Chocolate Brown fabric Chain Handmade By lushbaubles On Etsy

Via Lush Baubles

Pebble Necklace in vintage kimono fabric - navy/red/yellow

Via AAlicia Accessories

Bunny Brooch - I have a Zebra Heart

Via krize

Triangle necklace - timber and fabric

Via Madz Has Runaway

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