The Artist’s Way and Artist Pages

a week in doodles from last year

To try and get back into the swing of things around here and in my personal creative life, I have turned to and utilized a great book. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is designed to help creatives in any medium work through blocks and barriers in their creative journey. The book definitely takes on a spiritual connection that may not jive with all readers, but I take the spiritual comparisons and connections as a general higher power. Each day you are supposed to do 3 pages of journaling to help move through your blocks. At first it seemed like a real challenge to fill 3 entire pages but eventually words and thoughts came out that I didn’t even know were lingering. After getting these things out on paper, it was as though they weren’t floating in my head anymore. Doodle journaling also helps to get the days events out of your brain to make room for creating. I would definitely suggest checking this book out or at least doing some serious journaling. I have found that it’s helped me immensely with my blocks!

Do you already do artist pages or journaling? Have you worked through this book before? 

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2 Responses to The Artist’s Way and Artist Pages

  1. ma99ie says:

    In fact I’m re-visiting this book. I started last year then stopped for some reason after Week 5. Now, I’ve restarted and I’m on Week 3 and only hope that I can continue to the end. The bit I don’t like is staring at a blank page and not knowing what to write so I’ve decided in such situations to ‘talk’ about what I did the previous day. The tasks are great as they get me thinking about things that I wouldn’t have thought about. Especially with my past. Anyway, lets’s see how it goes.

    • Leave it to starsisters to read this book… the biggest thing it gave me was the confirmation to set apart a period in each day for myself. And by the way, you’re drawings are uplifting- even when grey.

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