Craft Hope: Crafting for Good

Lately I’ve been asking myself: what more can I do? More specifically, in regards to how I can channel my crafty abilities into doing something that will help others. Enter Craft Hope! The site and concept, founded by Jade Sims, finds different needs and families that need help from the crafty community. The current project is entitled The Littlest Warriors and is inspired by children who are fighting against cancer. You can read about the little guy that’s the inspiration for the project here. The project consists of making beanies and or bags for kids through teens and they’ll be distributed to the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, The Ronald McDonald House, and the Miracles of Mitch Foundation. I am truly inspired by Jade and the Craft Hope team and am looking forward to knowing that something my hands made will make a little one going through a tough time happy!

Have you ever done crafting for charity? Have you participated in Craft Hope before?

[Sock monkey image via Craft Hope, their last project. Look at all those monkeys going off to kids’ arms!]

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