An Unintentional Hiatus

Well. Life over these past few months has taken many twists, turns, ups, downs and side to sides. All of this has left me feeling like I have nothing to share, nothing to give to this blog and nothing to really write about. I never wanted this blog to be deeply personal, just all of the things that I love to do and make and that’s why I decided to just take a leave of absence. Call it a New Year’s Resolution if you will but in recent times I have woken up. Or maybe I’ve just moved my way through the fog that has put a halt to creating and sharing. I’m very excited to jump back in with both feet and get back to who I am beyond all of life’s mess. And that’s a person who can’t help but create and share with others and engage in a community of crafters and artists! So. Here is to a new year of creating, making, engaging, and getting back to it all. I am very much looking forward to this!

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Craft Corner View

 Just poppin’ in to say a quick hello from my craft corner! Hope you’re having a good crafting week!

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Mixed Media Jewelry

Lately, I have been loving the combination of fibers and metals coming together to create pieces of jewelry. It probably stems from my love off all things mixed media and I appreciate making mixed media something you can incorporate into your daily life as opposed to keeping it on the wall.


image via Julia Petit

There is a wonderful tutorial showing you how to create your own pieces of woven thread and metal jewelry over on Julia Petit’s site.  It’s not in English, but the pictures are thorough. Here are some other mixed media jewelry pieces I really love:

Rainbow Embroidery Ring - Stripes, Hand-Stitched Multicolor and Turquoise Fabric

Via The Whirlwind

Red Silk Ring

Via Yara Jewelry Design

Necklace Mint Green Peruvian Opal Chocolate Brown fabric Chain Handmade By lushbaubles On Etsy

Via Lush Baubles

Pebble Necklace in vintage kimono fabric - navy/red/yellow

Via AAlicia Accessories

Bunny Brooch - I have a Zebra Heart

Via krize

Triangle necklace - timber and fabric

Via Madz Has Runaway

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Snowflake Gallery

I know, I know!! What am I talking about snow for? Winter is in our rear view mirror and I am not looking back. Except to become inspired by this snowflake gallery

design squish blogimage via Design Squish via The Bentley Collection

I can imagine all of these lovely snowflakes could be easily interpreted into embroidery designs. Even though winter is gone, we can still be inspired by the beautiful things that it brings. Do you have any pieces of nature inspiration that you would like to share?

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Craft Inspiration

Sometimes just the simplest things can spark tons of ideas. It’s funny how things work that way when sometimes you are seemingly surrounded by inspiration and yet you have no ideas flowing out of you.

A day at the Museum - Floral Fine Art Photography, soft pastel sea lilliesImage by Jane Heller

These flowers are actually created, not natural. They were taken at a museum where the exhibit was trying to depict what nature was like thousands of years ago. Something so simple, a simple concept of creating a world that you imagine, can spark serious amounts of creativity. I hope this picture gives you some creative and crafty inspiration! What are some of your favorite inspirational images? Are there themes or pieces that you find spark your creativity the best?

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Color Combination Inspiration: Honeydew and Pineapple

Cool greens and vibrant yellows pair so well.

image by DailyCraft via Flickr Creative Commons

image by keso via Flickr Creative Commons

via Use Real Butter

Pineapple Yellow 2-Speed Blender (48-oz.) by Hamilton Beach

via Cooking

via Wedding Bee

Marigold Seeds - French Crush Pineapple Annual Seed

via Pase Seeds

via The Twinery

Yellow Pineapple Lily Flowers.
Pineapple Lilies image via Tropical Plants Flowers and Decor


via Painted Ladies

image via Juicy Tings

via Humbleseed

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good news! spring has arrived!

Well, my computer went on the fritz so that is my explanation for such a loooooong hiatus. I was skyping with my sister and then it made a loud popping noise and I smelled smoke. It was fried. We had to wait a lil while before we could afford to get a new one and it should be arriving Thursday! So, please bear with me for a couple more days until all of this phooey gets sorted out. Thanks for still swinging by, I haven’t forgotten or abandoned you! See you soon!

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