Not Crafty but Creative

I have been singing my whole life but I’ve never really had the confidence to just go for it. And when I say go for it I mean take some classes and see where it takes me. I’ve sung in choirs in high school, but this is the real world! Competition is tough and I have a fear of cruel people. Well, since starting my bluegrass vocals class at the Old Town School of Folk Music I have yet to encounter cruelty. I’m gaining confidence and I plan on singing on stage somewhere in Chicago before we move back to Minneapolis in a year or so. I recently discovered this group Mumford and Sons that is giving me even more inspiration to seek out musicians that are like me and to start a group and get on some stages. Enjoy this video of theirs:

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4 Responses to Not Crafty but Creative

  1. Filomena says:

    I too LOVE mumford and sons! Keep up the lessons and just ignore the cruel people out there!

  2. Heidi says:

    I ❤ Mumford & Sons. I think they're playing up here soon!

    • They are and they have a show in Chicago this Sunday but EVERY show is sold out! I wish I had known about them earlier, then maybe I would’ve had a chance. How’s your sketchbook project coming along?

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