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Hoop Dreams

For me, it is really hard to decide what I like better: making things or buying the supplies to make the things.  Both are rewarding, enjoyable, and I get a rush out of both!  Who’s with me on this?  Since … Continue reading

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Chicago in Doodles!

Hello everyone!  Accept my apology for my slight hiatus, traveling to Chicago was great but now it’s time to get back into the swing of things!  I’ll jumpstart getting back into the groove by posting my doodle diary of my … Continue reading

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It's not Chicago without pizza!!

  I’m having a good time here in Chicago and one thing that I’ve learned (and I guess have always kind of known) is that Chicagoans love their pizza!  Just thought I would post some quick links to some delicious … Continue reading

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Soul Searching

image via israelnewsradio Every few months I feel like I go through this process that goes something like this: I love what I’m doing but then I think about all the other things I could be doing (new ideas, projects, … Continue reading

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Trunk Show

Tomorrow I am going to be in a trunk show at I Like You in Minneapolis!  It’s during MN Fashion week and will feature a bunch of really great artists from the city.  I Like You is located at 501 1st … Continue reading

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Hello everyone!  Things have been busy around casa de Dryden this past week!  I am working furiously on some new things for an upcoming trunk show (post on this later) and T and I are planning a trip to Chicago … Continue reading

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Non-Crafty Inspiration

Like many of you, I’m sure, it’s not just craft-related things that inspire me.  For some it’s nature, others it’s movies, or books, or any number of things.  My other major inspiration in life is music.  I definitely get inspired … Continue reading

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