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Exploring The Naughty Side of Embroidery (NSFW!)

I’m pretty sure most people have a hard time associating the words naughty and embroidery. Embroidery is traditionally thought of as maybe your grandmother’s craft or hobby, which is true. But! There are many embroidery artists who have taken the … Continue reading

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The Artist’s Way and Artist Pages

a week in doodles from last year To try and get back into the swing of things around here and in my personal creative life, I have turned to and utilized a great book. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron … Continue reading

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Mixed Media Jewelry

Lately, I have been loving the combination of fibers and metals coming together to create pieces of jewelry. It probably stems from my love off all things mixed media and I appreciate making mixed media something you can incorporate into … Continue reading

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Snowflake Gallery

I know, I know!! What am I talking about snow for? Winter is in our rear view mirror and I am not looking back. Except to become inspired by this snowflake gallery image via Design Squish via The Bentley Collection … Continue reading

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Craft Inspiration

Sometimes just the simplest things can spark tons of ideas. It’s funny how things work that way when sometimes you are seemingly surrounded by inspiration and yet you have no ideas flowing out of you. Image by Jane Heller These … Continue reading

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Inspirational Work: Gabriel Dawe

Who knew that something as simple as thread could create such wonderful and inspirational installation pieces? Gabriel Dawe has taken thread to an unbelievable new place and I am enamored with the work. You can view a slideshow here of … Continue reading

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Non-Crafty Inspiration: Adele

This song, and Adele, have been inspiring me in different ways lately. For me, music is a huge part of my life. I’m a singer and I’ve been continuously striving to be better and, one day, make it back on … Continue reading

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